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2019 – The Year Of Success – Part 1

2019 – The Year of Success – Part 1

Post Series: The Value of Financial Advice

Our goal as a business is to ensure whichever office you attend or team member you engage with, your experience will be the same. For us, this means:

  • Everyone who walks through the door is greeted like family.
  • New clients are made to feel comfortable and welcome.
  • Back office processes are conducive to spending more time with clients and helping them achieve their ideal retirement lifestyle.

To showcase the results of 2019, we wanted to highlight some of our most memorable success stories of the year and the value of Financial Advice.

Long Term Disability = Financially Secure

A client of mine has a severe disability. Over the years I have built a close and trusting relationship with his family who have become friends.

When I left my previous employer, he commented that wherever I was working, he would follow!

True to his word, he is now a client of NFPG. I have been able to help my client by managing his portfolio in a way that ensures it is simple and easy to understand; assisting him with minimising tax by continually reviewing and changing his strategy; and increasing his overall wealth by approximately 150%.

I feel a true sense of accomplishment that I have been able to provide this family with the peace-of-mind that there is a sufficient nest egg to give my client quality of life and the ability to fund adequate high-level care.

Adviser: Janelle Kirk

We found $183,756 in additional Insurance claims

My client came to see me as he wished to invest the Total Permanent Disability (TPD) payout he received from a workplace accident.

His workplace accidents took place in 2012 and 2014. I queried whether he had any other super funds and he advised no, only the one he claimed on. I then asked him whether he had rolled any superannuation over after the accidents (2012 and 2014) and he recalled that he had rolled over two other super funds into his current super.

We investigated the two closed super funds and found we able to assist our client with a further two TPD claims, which have now both been approved and paid out. The additional two TPD claims provided my client with an additional $183,756.

We will be using these funds to set up a Disability Pension. The additional funds we have been able to locate and claim on for my client will provide him with an income stream to support his lifestyle and give him security, which is important now more than ever, as he has been deemed never to be able to work again.

Adviser: Rosie Copp

We helped get $20,000 a year in new Centrelink Pensions

My client booked an appointment as he required assistance with Aged Care fees for his wife and at the time, he was a self-funded retiree.

We were able to restructure his assets to enable he and his wife to attain a Pension (as they were separated by illness) to the value of approximately $20,000 per annum, enabling them to also be entitled to a concessions card which lowered the costs of their medications and medical appointments.

My client was thrilled with the result as we helped make the process simple: I worked with the Accountant and client to complete the forms for Aged Care Assessment and Centrelink Pension and ensured that everything was processed correctly for them.

Adviser: Simon Hoskin


Are you ready to instigate change in your life in 2020? We can work with you to establish a clear vision.

Take the first step and book an initial consultation with our highly experienced team of specialist financial advisers that are able to service you at our office locations in The Junction, Erina, Terrigal and Sydney CBD.

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