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Are You Financially Divorced – Is 2020 The Year To Take Control?

Are You Financially Divorced – Is 2020 the Year to Take Control?

Do you avoid the uncomfortable money conversations? Perhaps you avoid taking responsibility for your financial affairs?

Author: Jay Beckton

In my 20 years’ in the finance industry I have been both blessed and cursed by having many conversations, some are very simple and others not so much.

The worst conversations I’ve had are with people who avoid uncomfortable or difficult conversations. Avoiding talking about money is one thing I have seen that often leads to much more difficult situations.

Our team of experienced Financial Advisers will not only not leave any stone unturned – learning about you and what you want, but they will tackle these uncomfortable conversations and ensure that tougher ones do not follow.

It could be simple such as spending too much at Christmas rather than budgeting suitably, which would ensure both an enjoyable festive season and not needing to suffer financial strain or something more complex like ensuring that you have sufficient insurance to take care of your money should an unexpected event leaves you unable to work.

More recently a close friend’s father passed unexpectedly; his partner of 40 years is not only dealing with this terrible loss but is unaware of what he set up for his retirement whilst alive and must wait for the documentation associated with this event to arrive before she can begin to understand what is next. If you are sitting there thinking that this is unusual -it’s not.

Often one partner will take a lead with finances, and rather than having an uncomfortable conversation with the other, they let it go. This uncomfortable conversation can quickly develop into an impossible situation.

Recently I was challenged by a peer to come up with something I would have taught my younger self and part of my answer was “time never stops, and it does run out”. This is never more truthful than an instance like the one described.

There is an easy solution: stop waiting! There is no time like the present to take the time to find someone to support you with the uncomfortable conversations

We have a team of highly experienced, educated and professional Financial Advisers who take pride in knowing that our clients are fully supported regardless of what the future throws at them.

No-one is going to do it for, so take control and get started today. Take the first step and book an initial consultation at one of our office locations in The Junction, Erina, Terrigal and Sydney CBD.

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