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We approach financial planning a little differently. We place a lot of importance on getting to know you and your family’s lifestyle goals before we get started on developing your personalised financial plan.

First Meeting

Understanding You and Your Goals

It’s a new day, how do you want to spend it? This is one of our primary questions. We want to understand what drives you and what makes you happy. Our hope is that we provide you with a comfortable environment, founded on trust and understanding so that you feel comfortable telling us about your life.

We will ask you questions like:

  • What do you value?
  • What are your goals/dreams/aspirations?
  • Are you currently facing any challenges?
  • What your current lifestyle is like and if you would like it to be different?
  • How you currently handle your finances?
  • Do you have any previous experience with investing?

We will also clearly explain our Financial Services Guide (FSG), the history of the business and experience of the Financial Adviser team.

Some of the above questions may be difficult to answer, but it is important that we ask them so that we can get a complete picture of what it is you are trying to achieve and with what resources. We can then take the time to research the best options for you.

Advice Conception and Fees

As a Fee for Service business, our fees will always reflect the scope of work required and complexity of the implementation process.

Before you engage your Adviser to undertake the Advice process, we will clearly communicate the next steps involved by our team to complete the research, Advice & implementation of our recommendations along with the proposed Fee. It’s then your choice if you wish to proceed.

You may be able to pay a portion or all of your Financial Plan (Statement of Advice) from your Superannuation accounts. This method of payment is often preferred as it allows our clients an opportunity that may otherwise be out of reach, however any fees paid by your Superannuation fund must have a direct relation to the Advice being delivered. We will discuss the options available to you at this step of the process.

Our goal is simple, we will deliver the most appropriate Financial Advice that provides the best opportunity to meet all of your financial goals.

Research, Strategy Development and Product Selection

This stage of the process is where the technicians get to work and utilise our technical skills and product knowledge. We complete the required research on your existing financial products, develop the most appropriate strategy (what’s in your best interest) and consider the most appropriate product selection.

We are required to provide one product recommendation, consider an alternative and also undertake the required research to confirm if any of your existing financial products, Superannuation, Insurance, Investment products are still suitable or able to make the changes included in our recommendations.

Present and Implement Your Plan

At our next meeting, we will present your tailored Financial Plan or Statement of Advice (SOA). We will step you through the plan, answer any questions you have, and make changes if required. We will ensure you have a complete understanding of the process, applicable fees and Ongoing Service before you proceed with our advice.

The most important thing at this step is that you are confident in and comfortable with your plan. When you are 100% happy to proceed, we then attend to implementation of the recommendations on your behalf.

Advice Wrap and Ongoing Support

We will arrange a meeting, phone call or email confirmation of the implementation we have completed on your behalf.

This is a great opportunity to formally introduce you to the CCFPG support team, clarify any questions and run you through how to access your account information via product websites. We also ensure we have placed you on the most suitable ongoing Advice Support package and you understand all the inclusions and benefits associated with our ongoing relationship.

Ongoing Support and Review

We will check in with you from time to time. This is where the benefits of having a strong relationship with your financial adviser are realised. We will check in to:

  • Determine if your circumstances have changed
  • Advise you of any relevant changes in government regulations that affect your circumstances
  • Review and adjust your strategy regularly to ensure it still meets your need

The Central Coast Financial Planning Group team will continue to manage and monitor your financial strategy. We are here to help and answer any of your questions anytime, so just pick up the phone and give us a call.


We are confident that you will be happy with our services. Our hope is you will be so happy you will want to refer us on to your friends and family. Word of mouth is the best type of advertising and most of our clients come to us after being referred from other happy clients.

We always make sure we thank people for referrals.

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