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Preparing the way for yourself or a loved one to enter residential aged care can be a difficult and stressful time. Completing the necessary meetings, paperwork and requirements whilst dealing with the emotional upheaval of changing your or your loved ones existing lifestyle can take its toll on the entire family…But you don’t have to face it alone.

CCFPG can assist whether you are:

  • Planning ahead for your own aged care
  • In a situation where you urgently need to find a residential aged care placement for yourself.
  • A close relative or carer of someone who requires residential aged care.

Getting advice from an Accredited Aged Care Professional can allow you to smoothly navigate this process, receiving the professional support you need to create effective financial solutions that provide peace-of-mind and a favourable lifestyle for you and your family.

Your Aged Care Specialist can answer questions including:

  • What requirements must be met in order to be eligible to enter residential aged care and how will it be assessed?
  • What accommodation options are available? How can you determine what is suitable?
  • What are the entry and ongoing costs of aged care accommodation?
  • How will Centrelink entitlements and ongoing income be affected?
  • What will happen to the family home?
  • How can investments and finances be structured to ensure long-term income, capital security and tax efficiency?
  • How will an aged care placement affect current Estate Planning arrangements?

The CCFPG team will work with you, your family, solicitors, accountants, and Aged Care Providers to achieve the following outcomes for you:

  • Equip you with the appropriate information to help you negotiate with aged care facilities, in order to secure a desired placement and acceptable fee structure.
  • Decide on the optimum strategy for the family home in order to optimise accommodation costs and pension entitlements.
  • Calculate if an accommodation payment or contribution is payable and how you can efficiently structure your assets to fund this.
  • Evaluate options for paying a refundable accommodation deposit or daily accommodation payments while ensuring that Centrelink benefits are not negatively impacted.
  • Determine how ongoing accommodation fees can be minimised and pension entitlements can be maximised, through the structuring of investment assets and implementation of financial planning strategies.
  • Maximise access to additional benefits, such as the Commonwealth Seniors Health Card.
  • Utilise the financial planning strategy to structure assets in order to maximise tax efficiency.
  • Ensure the financial planning strategy enables an efficient estate transfer to beneficiaries in line with your wishes.
  • Perform a regular strategy review to maintain your strategy’s effectiveness.

CCFPG will ensure your Aged Care strategy is completed in a timely and stress-free manner so that you can focus on what matters most. Once you or your family member are settled into aged care accommodation, you can relax knowing that you or your loved one have quality of life in appropriate care, you have achieved this with the greatest financial efficiency and that the financial situation is effectively structured for the future.

Working with an Accredited Financial Adviser who has experience in Aged Care Financial Advice relieves the pressure and helps you to choose the correct pathway – the value to you can be significant.

Our advice is fee-for-service, based on the time taken to provide the advice you require.

If you would like to work with our experienced Aged Care Specialists and Support Team, the minimum fee to receive advice is $4,400 incl. GST and includes:

  • An initial meeting
  • Completion of our Aged Care Questionnaire
  • Review of the Questionnaire and follow-up discussion if required
  • Preparation of a Comprehensive Aged Care Strategy Paper specific to your circumstances
  • Final meeting including presentation of the Strategy Paper, answer any questions and discuss any associated issues

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