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Hannah Downes

Adviser Support

Meet Hannah, our dedicated Financial Adviser Support with a passion for helping clients achieve their financial goals. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, majoring in Financial Planning, and a remarkable High Distinction average, Hannah’s academic background in mathematics and economics provides a solid foundation for her role.

Choosing a career in financial advisory was a natural fit for Hannah, given her unwavering passion for mathematics and economics. The rewarding, exciting, and dynamic nature of the job aligns perfectly with her aspirations. Throughout her professional journey, Hannah has worked closely with various financial advisers, honing her skills and cultivating a well-rounded expertise. Her meticulous attention to detail and broad perspective are invaluable assets that she brings to the table.

However, Hannah has discovered that success in this field extends beyond technical proficiency. The ability to genuinely connect with clients, understand their needs, and address their concerns is equally vital. This understanding allows her to apply her knowledge effectively, tailoring financial solutions to each individual’s unique circumstances. Witnessing the positive impact that financial advice can have on people’s lives fuels Hannah’s dedication and enthusiasm for her work.

One of the aspects Hannah cherishes most about her role is the harmonious blend of personal interaction with clients and the utilisation of her technical skills to develop personalised, strategic plans. Her experience working with diverse financial firms and advisers has endowed her with a proactive ability to tailor her approach to meet each client’s specific requirements.

“I started in the financial planning industry at the age of 18 and my parents also owned a business in financial planning, so I started my financial education early. Even the conversations we would have around the dinner table have contributed to my broad perspective and well-rounded knowledge of the profession.”

Beyond her career, Hannah is an avid traveller who finds solace in exploring new destinations. The sun-soaked shores of Australia’s Sunshine Coast hold a special place in her heart, while the allure of Europe, especially Croatia and Italy, has captivated her adventurous spirit. Additionally, Hannah enjoys spending time at the beach and embracing the great outdoors.

With Hannah’s expertise, unwavering commitment, and genuine desire to help others, you can trust that your financial well-being is in capable hands.

If you’d like to ask Hannah any questions, please contact him by phone or email:

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