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Matthew Simpson-Foster

Senior Financial Adviser + Partner

A long-standing passion to help others realise their financial goals drives Matthew’s mission at Coastal Advice Group. “Seeing clients start to achieve their financial independence inspires me,” he says. “It starts with listening, working to their agenda, not our own.” 

Matthew’s easy-going personality is backed by extensive experience, starting with corporate superannuation back in 2000. From there, Matt spent five years as pricing manager at one of Europe’s biggest hedge funds, and six years in super and insurance for some of Australia’s largest financial services providers. 

The experience made Matthew aware of just how vulnerable a lot of people were when it came to their financial security. “I saw a lot of insurance claims where people hadn’t been given the right advice, and had cancelled their insurance,” he recalls. “It made me want to do more to help people build and protect their wealth.” 

At the urging of long-time friend Daniel Brown, Matthew decided the time was right to leverage his broad experience and move into the financial planning space. CAG was a natural fit. “We look at advice very differently to other outfits, and I think that’s one of our advantages,” says Matthew. 

So regardless of whether you’re a young couple looking to review your current arrangements for wealth creation, or someone seeking a pre-retirement boost to your super or savings, Matthew and the CAG team have the expertise to help. 

Matt spends his weekends spending time with his wife and three children or savouring a coffee from one of the fine establishments down in Terrigal.  

To keep active, Matt enjoys dirt bike riding and snowboarding, and doesn’t mind the occasion early morning run. 

Specialises in:

  • Superannuation
  • Self-Managed Super Funds
  • Insurance
  • Wealth Creation / Investment Advice
  • Savings / Budgeting
  • Borrowing to Invest
  • Retirement Planning

If you’d like to ask Matthew any questions please contact him by phone or email:

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