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I have been in Banking and Finance for 30 years and see all sorts of professionals but Matthew and the team at CCFPG truly impressed me with the service received and I couldn’t be happier.

Matt has been a first class Financial Adviser to me from the day I met him. He really took time to understand my needs over an initial 2-hour white board session.

CCFPG have facilitated  a Superannuation scheme that really meets my objectives of  balance of growth and long-term financial freedom. Plus I now have an investment account that I can use to meet some of my other investment strategies around investment property and also my insurance is now organised.

I would rate CCFPG as best in class for their professionalism, great trust and integrity. Further, they were very clear and effective in their communication to me.

I was lucky enough to be 2019 Commercial Broker of the Year and would happily introduce my clients to Matt and CCFPG.

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