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I would highly recommend the Central Coast Financial Planning Group.

My 93-year-old mother recently was required to enter a Nursing Home. My 90-year-old father was her carer and finding it difficult to cope. He had a mixed set of financial investments and was struggling with the complexities of the Aged Care system.

We worked together with CCFPG to get the best outcome for both Dad and Mum. CCFPG’s staff were amazing. We had access to all the knowledge and expertise of both the Aged Care sector and the related Financial Planning skills delivered in a very caring and consultative manner. CCFPG gave us all the information and took the time to explain the detail to my Father so he could make the best possible decision that was right for him and Mum.

As their Son, I never had any doubt about the integrity of CCFPG. They went above and beyond their fee to deliver.

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