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I’m so grateful to have Ryan as my financial advisor. I have had the assistance of Ryan for many years, he has helped me make wise financial choices and excel in my business. I would not hesistate to recommend Ryan to anyone seeking financial services.

We had a complimentary 1st meeting with Matthew from CCFPS. He was professional and highly knowledgeable and helped us to build a vision for our financial future. Matthew really took the time to understand our personal circumstances and there was no pressure to sign up to anything that didn't suit our needs.

Excellent Experience Central Coast Financial Planning Group never fails to provide a world class service. Rosie is extremely professional and friendly. Very easy to communicate with, and has been efficient with every interaction I've had with her. They have exceeded my expectations, well done to all the team Highly recommended

Rosie was fantastic with helping us navigate the red tape and hoops to jump through for Centrelink, Aged care & having to take over someone’s affairs. We only wish we’d contacted CCFPG sooner!

Tanya and Anthony were professional, personable, honest and caring. I would not hesitate to recommend them them. 100% good value

Some members of our family had highly recommended the Central Coast Financial Planning Group and when we were getting ready to retire, we decided to make contact with CCFPG for support. The team provided a thorough retirement plan that we were comfortable with. They took the time to explain things to us simply and give us clarity around the whole process. We are now comfortably and happily retired and our plan is going great! We are happy to recommended CCFPG to friends and other family members because our entire experience has been so enjoyable. We take this opportunity to thank Rosie for her efforts, support and honesty over the preceding months.

We have been with Retire Invest for many years now, originally in Sydney. When we retired on the Central Coast, we were more than happy to begin our advice relationship with CCFPG to help secure our retirement finances. Rosie and the team at CCFPG give us great support and excellent advice that is very easy for us to understand. We recommend the CCFPG team to others looking for great financial advice.

We happily recommend CCFPG as an excellent financial planning team. We were seeking support and advice to consolidate our investments, including our superannuation. The friendly team at CCFPG drew everything together efficiently and helped us to minimise tax. Overall, we are very happy with our advice and the experience.

I have been in Banking and Finance for 30 years and see all sorts of professionals but Matthew and the team at CCFPG truly impressed me with the service received and I couldn’t be happier.

Matt has been a first class Financial Adviser to me from the day I met him. He really took time to understand my needs over an initial 2-hour white board session.

CCFPG have facilitated  a Superannuation scheme that really meets my objectives of  balance of growth and long-term financial freedom. Plus I now have an investment account that I can use to meet some of my other investment strategies around investment property and also my insurance is now organised.

I would rate CCFPG as best in class for their professionalism, great trust and integrity. Further, they were very clear and effective in their communication to me.

I was lucky enough to be 2019 Commercial Broker of the Year and would happily introduce my clients to Matt and CCFPG.

Working with Matthew at Central Coast Financial Planning Group has been one of the best decisions we've ever made.

When we started talking with him, we knew we needed some expert guidance to help get our finances in order, with the ultimate goal of buying a home.

Matt's fantastic help got us on the right track, and last year we took the plunge and purchased a beautiful house.

Thanks so much for all of your help, Matt!

After deciding to change my advisor group of over 19 years, I looked and found Central Coast FPG who were more than happy to visit me in my home on a number of occasions as we worked to transfer my private income pension and an annuity to CCFPG.

They paid care and attention to my wishes on how I wished to proceed and on their final visit to present my new plan, I found they had truly listened to my wishes and their plan should see me through quite well in the coming years. They are meticulous in updating information both written and verbal, and I truly feel cared for.

I have talked to friends and neighbours about CCFPG and NFPG services and recommended both your Financial Planning Groups. I look forward to many more happy meetings with Rosie who has now become my allocated advisor and would highly recommend the service by both Rosie Copp and Kristy Coulin to anyone looking for a well drafted financial plan.

Rosie listened to our needs and explained my mother’s financial situation then made a plan which we are following. Her manner was very pleasant and supportive which is so important when dealing with older clients and their relatives who are often facing tough life decisions, such as selling and moving to supported living environments.

She answered questions until we felt satisfied and patiently corrected our misconceptions. Her services have made a huge difference to our decisions and we are very grateful. We felt greatly reassured by her manner and sensible guidance.

Her help was during the difficult starting phases of the Coronavirus and she truly went beyond the call of duty to help us. We are very glad to have found her and I would highly recommend her services.

I am lucky enough to have discovered the team at CCFPG soon after they launched.

As a business owner, I'm constantly pulled in many directions and required to fulfil many roles.

However, soon after working with CCFPG, my 'Finance' role has been refined down to a monthly meeting and a few calls and emails. Their level of support and financial knowledge is like nothing I've experienced before and has enabled me to confidently delegate financial responsibilities that I never thought possible.

I now have much more time to double-down on my strengths and focus on growing my business faster through their ongoing strategic guidance. There are many things that separate these guys form the rest, but my #1 has to be the genuine care and consideration for helping my business grow... through the ups and downs I know they will be there, so I'm always looked after.

Could not recommend them any more highly!

I would highly recommend the Central Coast Financial Planning Group.

My 93-year-old mother recently was required to enter a Nursing Home. My 90-year-old father was her carer and finding it difficult to cope. He had a mixed set of financial investments and was struggling with the complexities of the Aged Care system.

We worked together with CCFPG to get the best outcome for both Dad and Mum. CCFPG’s staff were amazing. We had access to all the knowledge and expertise of both the Aged Care sector and the related Financial Planning skills delivered in a very caring and consultative manner. CCFPG gave us all the information and took the time to explain the detail to my Father so he could make the best possible decision that was right for him and Mum.

As their Son, I never had any doubt about the integrity of CCFPG. They went above and beyond their fee to deliver.

After my husband was admitted to permanent Dementia care, I just didn’t know where to start in regard to our finances.  I needed direction in regard to the costs and government allowances for his care and my own circumstance. It was complicated. We had just sold a business, and a residential investment property, and needed to sell another property. It was very, very complicated in regard to costs for him to enter care, what to do in regard to superannuation, and how to get the best government benefits to assist me to manage the future.

My daughter and I went to have a meeting with Rosie Copp. She spread my financial situation out on a huge whiteboard, and we went through every component bit by bit.

When we left, we felt like a huge weight had been lifted from our shoulders. We had very precise and directed information to tackle the years ahead.

Her warmth, her knowledge and her caring attitude is something I will not forget.

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