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After my husband was admitted to permanent Dementia care, I just didn’t know where to start in regard to our finances.  I needed direction in regard to the costs and government allowances for his care and my own circumstance. It was complicated. We had just sold a business, and a residential investment property, and needed to sell another property. It was very, very complicated in regard to costs for him to enter care, what to do in regard to superannuation, and how to get the best government benefits to assist me to manage the future.

My daughter and I went to have a meeting with Rosie Copp. She spread my financial situation out on a huge whiteboard, and we went through every component bit by bit.

When we left, we felt like a huge weight had been lifted from our shoulders. We had very precise and directed information to tackle the years ahead.

Her warmth, her knowledge and her caring attitude is something I will not forget.

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